A Song That’s SAVI (Day 23)

After spending more than a week presenting selections from Realities, I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a change of pace. Today’s post is brief (less than a minute), and it’s on video.

When I sing, I will create behavior
That communicates the dramatic event
Phrase by phrase!
Each time, I raise my voice in song,
I’ll make a specific choice in song,
And I’ll sing a song that’s SAVI
All of my days.

In addition to being a songwriter, I’m also an educator – a professor who has taught several generations of performers about the fine art of singing onstage. Over the years, I’ve developed a signature pedagogy I call The SAVI System of Singer-Actor Training, and I use songs like this one to help reinforce certain key concepts. Often, these songs function as etudes, giving the student the opportunity to practice a particular skill while singing about it. When my students sing this song, I remind them to “do what the song says” when they get to the words “create behavior,” and to make a deliberate adjustment of some sort after “phrase by phrase” to support the onset of the new idea.

Over at my other blog, The SAVI Singing Actor, I’ve posted a number of valuable pages that expound upon the craft of musical theater performance. I focus on performance technique, training methods, song analysis, and case studies, with an emphasis on practical application. By all means, take a look if you think you’d find that interesting!

Day 5 of the Your Turn Challenge invites me to address the question, “What advice would you give for getting unstuck?” My answer is a short one: choose again. Do something different. Wasn’t it Einstein said that the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?” In my work with student singers, I often see them getting stuck in a choice, playing the same mood with the same focus and behavior choices far longer than is called for. I remind them, every new phrase is an opportunity to try something different! The same is true for just about anything. Maybe that’s the reason why I chose to set aside Realities and blog about something else today – just to get unstuck.

Another thing I’m doing to get unstuck, or stay unstuck, with this Project 194 endeavor is by reaching out to other people. I’m holding a salon concert at my home on the last day of January to celebrate a successful month of blogging,

With 171 days to go on my blogathon, I can foresee plenty of chances to get stuck, so I plan to come back and read this post when I encounter those days.

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