New Untitled Melody (Day 25)

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned how certain tunes seem to show up unexpectedly, and cited as an example a little Latin melody that arrived while I was working earlier this week. I thought it would be fun to share that melody, for the edification of those who might be interested in a glimpse of my creative process!

Music ms

Like I said, this melody arrived unsummoned, with no particular purpose attached to it. The photo shows how it got jotted into my music Moleskine notebook, whose pages are so small that I can only fit one or two measures on each line. Yesterday, I recorded it in Garageband with a couple tracks to give it some atmosphere, and it continues to please me. It has a touch of Jobim to it, especially where the A maj 9 chord shows up about halfway through (on the right hand half of the page, a little more than halfway down, if you can decipher my chickenscratch). It seems like it would make a good vocal melody for a song, and I’m totally open for suggestions – if you get an idea about a title or a phrase that suits this melody, put it in the comments section on this post!

I’m working on a new project during Project 194, and I’m looking forward to sharing some bits and pieces from The Brave Little Tailor, my newest work, as I continue to share items from the archive.

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3 thoughts on “New Untitled Melody (Day 25)

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  2. Linda Henderson

    It’s a melody to be sung to a loved one. A loved one with a two-syllable name, like “Oh D’Ar-cy,” “Oh Char-lie,”, “Oh Lin-da,” “Oh Har-vey.” Suitable relationship lyrics would follow, of course.

  3. admin Post author

    Oh Ethel. Oh Rufus. Oh Linda, thanks for your suggestion. What about “my Linda?” It could also be a three-syllable name like “Dolores.” I think it is a love song, too!

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