Love Duet, from Goosefeathers (Day 38)

Are you in the mood for love? With today’s post, I’m kicking off a week-long retrospective of Chazzy-style love songs as we count down the days to Valentine’s Day. Today’s song is called, simply enough, Love Duet, and it’s from the commedia musical Goosefeathers that I wrote with Steve Seyfried. Steve sings the part of Arlecchino in this duet, while the part of the goose-seller Columbina is sung by Tom Reiff. Arlecchino is smitten by the rude and unlovely Columbina – ah, who can comprehend the mysteries of the heart? – and has borrowed his master’s ruby ring to give himself a little bling for their rendezvous. Columbina is more impressed by the ring than by the servant who wears it, and manages to convince him to give the jewel to her as a gift, leading to escalating comic complications. Hey, it’s the commedia – what did you expect?

What a precious thing
Is the lady I sing.
How rare is the fair Columbina.
Like the ruby ring that you see me wear,
Columbina’s a jewel beyond compare.

Have you seen her eyes?
They’re a wonderful prize!
Like diamonds, they sparkle and shine .
And I yearn to possess
Such loveliness…
Columbina, please won’t you be mine?

This little fellow’s cute and kind of funny.
Do you suppose he has a lot of money?
Though heaven knows he’s not really a singer,
Check out that rock he’s wearing on his finger!
He may be an eccentric millionaire
He may be someone’s husband, I don’t care
That’s got to be the most terrific thing I ever laid eyes on.

When I first saw the ring, I nearly fainted
Perhaps it’s time for us to get acquainted
I can tell that we’ll get along fine
And I have to possess its loveliness
That ruby is going to be mine!

[Duet. They sing their verses in counterpoint.]

The press photo below mis-identifies Steve as me and features his wife Elise as Columbina. There have been a number of variations of Goosefeathers that have been tried out over the years, including a two-actor version in which two men played all the roles, even the female ones, Greater Tuna-style, and this explains the falsetto stylings of Tom Reiff as Columbina on this particular track.

Goosefeathers press photo

Have you bought your Valentine a ruby ring? How about sending her a link to this song on Project 194 as a token of your affections? If this one isn’t the perfect fit, never fear – there’ll be more songs of love in the days ahead, something for everyone’s taste!

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