Not Your Typical Fairy Tale, from Gemini the Musical (Day 39)

The second song in my Valentine’s Day medley is a tale of love’s young dream awakening in the heart of a bright and spunky young lass. Not Your Typical Fairy Tale was part of the 2004 production of Gemini the Musical at the Prince Music Theater, and is sung most charmingly by Jillian Louis. The song was originally written as a song to introduce the character of Judith on the occasion of her first appearance. Later, we moved it to the second act, where she sings it to Lucille as a way of explaining the history of her relationship with Francis, and it’s Lucille’s voice you hear at the very end of this track; we amputated the end of this tune to make a segue to Lucille’s song You’re Only Young Once. Neither of these songs made it to NYMF in 2007, but I’ve always been exceedingly fond of this one – c’mon, it rhymes “Joseph Campbell” and “worth the gamble!” Sarah Bolt included it in her one-woman show for awhile, and it deserves to be heard again. Check back later in the week to hear the song we wrote for Judith to declare her feelings in the 2007 version of Gemini.

April passed in kind of a haze.
Everywhere there was music, music
Underscoring our nights and days together.
He was Mozart and I his muse.
I provided his inspiration.
Cheered him up every time he got the blues,
Which was every other day.
We were friends who were suddenly in love
As April turned to may.

It was just like a fairy tale,
Though the prince, he was seldom charming;
Still he had the most disarming smile.
Like a tale from the Brothers Grimm,
Only he was the sleeping beauty,
Waiting to be wakened with a kiss.

All right, it’s not your typical fairy tale!
There are no castles on the Charles,
And the princess and the prince
Were sometimes known to have their quarrels.
There was no wicked witch, no seven dwarves,
No curses to undo.
But unlike a typical fairy tale,
This one came true.

It’s as old as mythology.
You can read it in Joseph Campbell.
Every hero has to face a quest (and every heroine too!)
It’s a test of my bravery,
And I thought it was worth the gamble.
Who’d have guessed that I made it here at last?
I took the test and passed.
It’s not your typical fairy tale.
I’m no damsel in a tower.
To live ever after happily
Is entirely in my power.
And so I’ve crossed the miles,
Endured the trials,
It’s the thing a friend would do.
‘Cause in this fairy tale
The trail leads straight to you.
I took these chances, Francis, all for you!

This song is similar to yesterday’s Love Duet in that, in both relationships, the feelings of one partner are unrequited by the other. Perhaps one day some ambitious academic will write a doctoral dissertation in which such thematic congruences are appropriately adumbrated; in the meantime, this paltry exegesis will have to do. (Phew! Can I sling the lingo, or what?)

In any event, here’s hoping that your feelings for your Valentine are requited. In the words of Lorenz Hart, “unrequited love’s a bore,” and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

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