Blue Satin Mood, from BGDF (Day 40)

The third tune in my Valentine’s Day Week medley is a particularly sensual one: Blue Satin Mood, from my 1984 musical BGDF. The singer is Debbie Silver, a talented young woman I’m embarrassed to say I’ve lost track of since then (see below for more about my Internet sleuthing). The recording was made in director Richard Aumiller’s Hells Kitchen walk-up with Nehemiah “Hank” Leftwich at the piano. Debbie played Dee Alexander, a graphic designer and free spirit about to hook up with an advertising executive named Avery Shapiro. Avery’s divorced and feeling insecure about his charms, as he reveals in his song “This Year’s Model.” Meanwhile Dee is in the next room, and her thoughts as she prepares for her assignation with Avery are more focused on her own pleasure. Eventually, they sing their respective soliloquies in counterpoint before they come together; alas, technical flaws in the recording prevent me from presenting you with the full duet, and this excerpt will have to suffice!

I never was too big on the obligatory bedroom scene.
It gets to be routine,
If you know what I mean.
I know a little trick
That is particularly useful in this sort of situation.
I find it’s smart to dress the part
To get the proper inspiration.

Silk pajamas,
Lacy brassiere.
Tonight I feel like wearing
Something daringly sheer.
It’s hard to tell,
I’m in a sort of Blue Satin Mood.

Something clingy,
Cool on my skin.
A sprinkle of perfume
Would suit the humor I’m in.
Maybe Chanel,
It matches with my Blue Satin Mood.

See this silk kimono?
This little flap is very Japanese.
He may never see that,
But it’s actually me that I’m dressing to please.

Merry widow,
Stockings and heels.
When I dress in lingerie,
I love the way that it feels.
Oh what the hell!
We’re likely to wind up in the nude!
Nevertheless, I guess
I’m in a Blue Satin Mood.

Is there some sexy lingerie in store in your Valentine’s Day celebration? I hope this song puts you in the right mood to be with your sweetie!

I’m afraid, though, that I’m too distracted for romance because I can’t help wondering what happened to Debbie Silver, the actress who appeared in my show 30+ years ago? The internet hasn’t been much help, if you can believe it! indicates she appeared as an understudy on a Broadway show called Home Front in 1985, and (oddly enough) there’s a facsimile of her handwritten bio online that lists B.G.D.F as one of her credits. That bio says she was born in New Haven, CT in 1956 and attended Boston University. I don’t think she’s the same person as the singer “Deborah Silver” that turned up in a Google search, since that singer’s bio indicates she was born in Mississippi, and the Debbie Silver at is a speaker, author and humorist who’s married to Dr. Lawrence Silver and was Louisiana Teacher of the Year. Will the real Debbie Silver sign in, please?

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