Somebody’s Knocking, from Gemini the Musical (Day 41)

Somebody's Knocking - Kirsten and DanWhat would you do if a bright, attractive, frisky young lady showed up at the door of your bedroom singing this song? I wrote this for the 2007 edition of Gemini the Musical, and the singers are Kirsten Scott (she was Kirsten Bracken then) and Dan Micciche. Details below after the lyric…

Somebody’s knocking,
Here to say:
“Can Francis come out to play today?”
School is done and it’s time for some fun.
I’m waiting.
Don’t keep a lady waiting.

Somebody’s knocking,
Ready to play.
What are these knockers for anyway?
You’ve got to think outside of your box
When opportunity knocks!
(She dances around Francis. He is nonplussed.)

Judith, you must be careful!
Judith, you’ll go too far!
You’ll wreck your reputation
And have to quit the D. A. R.
Wasps don’t go for that kind of thing…

If I be waspish, best beware my sting!
Beware my sting, beware my sting!
(She bends forward to kiss Francis, but he slips away.)

Could your libido use a little boost?
Maybe you need to be re-seduced
By a 24-karat
Elizabeth Barrett Browning —
Francis, quit clowning!
La la la la la – la la!

This song is a playful riff on the Seguidilla from Carmen, and also incorporates a taste of Chick Corea’s La Fiesta and a quote from The Taming of the Shrew – it’s a trifecta of erudite allusions! It comes early in Act I of the story: Judith and her younger brother Randy have hitch-hiked from Cape Cod to Philadelphia to surprise their Harvard classmate Francis on his 21st birthday, but the birthday boy is oddly aloof, for reasons that become clear later in the scene when Francis finally blurts out, “Judith, I think I’m queer!” Judith takes the news with equanimity and seems willing to be “just friends” with her former lover, but her sang-froid is tested when she learns later that Francis has a crush on her younger brother.

Well, the course of true love never did run smooth, to quote an old chestnut from Willie the Shake. Here’s hoping that Valentine’s Day doesn’t bring you any surprises of this sort!

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