This World, from Realities (Day 43)

A love song that’s free of irony? That doesn’t succumb to snark? It doesn’t happen often in the Chazzy G songbook, but I’ve got one for you today, a lovely ballad from the end of Realities, the 1996 musical I wrote with playwright Steve Hochman, called This World. If you’ve followed any of the earlier posts from Realities, you’ll recall that its main character, Alex Inman, designs virtual realities and retreats into those “silicon mirages” to escape the pain and humiliation of his crippled body. The tender ministrations of his therapist, Anna, awaken not only his limbs but his heart as well, and while that means he is susceptible to pain, he is also able to feel love, an emotion that’s been missing from his life for some time. Matt Cloran sings his heart out on this one.

This world
Has its share of imperfections.
This world
Can be difficult, it’s true
But this world
Is the only world where I can be loved
By someone like you

Yes, this world
Has no silicon mirages.
This world
Has no powers I command,
But this world
Is the only world where I can feel
The touch of your hand.
I understand now.

You helped me see this world
Was more than I reckoned.
You offered me a second chance.
You couldn’t teach my legs to walk,
But you taught my heart to dance!

And now I know that this world
Will be fraught with complications,
This world
Has so much that is unknown
And this world
Is the kind of place
That I can’t face alone.

I want to live in this world!
The love I long for is in
This world.
My dream world was a prison.
This world
Is where I want to be with you.

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