Listen, Friend, from BGDF (Day 44)

As Valentine’s Day draws closer, it’s only right and proper that we hear from my Valentine, the one and only D’Arcy Webb, who made her off-off-Broadway debut singing opposite Gregg Edelman in my musical BGDF in 1984. This was the first foray into New York for both of us, and it was a hair-raising experience, but luckily we got a lot of help from our friend Richard Aumiller, a classmate and pal of mine from Delaware days who’d made the move a few years earlier and established himself in a Hells Kitchen walkup. Dick not only agreed to direct the show (and wound up doing a lot of the heavy lifting of producing an Equity-approved showcase) but came to our rescue when the apartment we sublet turned out to be an unspeakable chamber of filth and saved the day with a mop and a sponge. The one redeeming feature of our grimy sublet was that it had a piano, on which I composed this tune. Give it a listen, and I’ll meet you down below the lyric for a few afterthoughts.

Why not?
Just give it a shot,
Only this time, we’ll do it right.
Who knows?
We’ll see how it goes.
I think we’ll make it if we hold on tight.
With a whole lot of work
And a wee bit of luck,
You’re bound to find a better way of making a buck.
We’ll see,
How bad can it be?
All we have to do is….

Here we stand,
On the brink,
With nothing except our talents.
Take my hand.
Don’t you think
We’ll help one another balance?

You’re bound to feel a little weak
Facing the unknown
But things are only half as bleak
When you’re not alone.

Seems as though we’ve reached an end.
We’re starting on Chapter Two now.
Take it slow,
And listen, friend,
I’ll have to depend on you now.
But I’ll chance it on tomorrow
And I hope that you will too,
Because no matter where we go,
It’s good to know
I’m going there with you.

D’Arcy and I had only been together about five years when I wrote this, but it was clear that I’d already learned something important about our partnership as husband and wife – we helped one another balance, and facing the unknown wasn’t nearly as bleak with her excellent companionship. More than thirty years later, this all remains true, and I remain grateful, and amazed at my good fortune.

Having Dick as director and producer for this project was also something to be grateful for. He’s been a staunch friend since the days we co-starred in Where’s Charley (him = Charley, me = Jack) in summer theater, and he’s been a staunch fan of Project 194. I said there’d be a prize for the person who had seen the most shows I’d written, and he’s that person; I hope this shout-out is enough of a prize, Dick! If it isn’t, you’ll have to wait til I get around to posting the tracks from Dead Beat.

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