Anna’s adventures continue (Day 70)

A Is For Anything cast photoTwo songs today, on the 70th day of Project 194. (If you missed it, check out today’s post in which I take stock of the first ten weeks of my song-sharing marathon; I’m now more than a third of the way through!)

In yesterday’s post, I explained how Anna learns that a “Vitamin A deficiency” was the likely cause of her lack of imagination, and how her doctor, Amelia Earhart (yup, the legendary aviatrix), offers to take her on a therapeutic adventure in her aeroplane. In a magical transformation, they go from “in the air” to “ON the air,” and Anna finds herself a contestant on the Answer Man Game Show:

Anna’s ability to always have the right answers doesn’t seem to be of much help in this surrealistic contest, which involves a volunteer from the audience. Eventually, she and Amelia are back in the air once more, but not for long; soon, the plane crashes and Anna finds herself alone in what turns out to be Africa.

Alone, afraid.
If I had only known,
Safe at home I would have stayed!
This thicket’s so very thick,
The trick is finding your way.
But if I don’t make it quick,
Some creature might pick up the track of me
And make a snack of me!
A is for agony!
Won’t someone rescue me?
Amelia, what do I do?
I can’t begin to imagine….
(ECHO: Begin to imagine…)

If you’re the least bit intrigued by these little snippets of songs, you owe it to yourself to watch the video of A is for Anything that’s on the site here. The ways in which the show interacts with its audience and unfolds as a live performance need to be seen to be appreciated!

3 thoughts on “Anna’s adventures continue (Day 70)

  1. Heather Carroll McCarty

    Charlie, thank you for sharing these wonderful audio recordings. Those were the days when we made shit up. You are truly a brilliant artist, and I miss you.

    The video of A is for Anything was not available on the link you posted. I would love to see it again. Years ago, you gave me a video cassette of the show, but that is buried somewhere, not to be found anytime soon. Any chance you could repost the link for the video?

    I continue to enjoy ALL your songs.


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  3. admin Post author

    Heather, thanks for the warm words. The video I posted today is a more recent one with a different cast. I hope I still have the older one – I’ll look.

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