Harold and The Purple Crayon – Part 2a and b (Day 76)

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! It feels like spring, and all sorts of things seem to be growing here in Philly, not the least of which is the unbroken string of posts I’ve made to Project 194.

In this second part of The Adventures of Harold and the Purple Crayon, Harold needs a drink of water and finds one in the desert. Bored and looking for something fun to do, he decides to go to the Moon and takes a ride on a rocket ship. He battles with a frightening space creature before escaping and returning home, parachuting into his bed with the help of an umbrella.

Harold meets a martian

“Harold decided to go to the moon.” That little bit of narration sums up the magic of this show, and the magic of theater. You look around and decide that you’re bored with your surroundings, so you decide to go somewhere else. There are no practical constraints: “What? You can’t go to the moon!” Your imagination is the only resource you need to have the most remarkable adventures. I think that Harold’s “anything-goes” attitude set me free as a composer working on this project. Weird-ass jazz in multiple time signatures? Why not?

By the way, the Rocket Ship theme is a tune I recycled from the 2007 edition of Gemini the Musical called “The Boy My Father Thinks He Knows,” and I’ll link up to it once I get around to posting it. It works much better here than it did there, trust me.

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