Harold and The Purple Crayon – Part 3a (Day 77)

Back from outer space, Project 194 has got more Harold for you on a sunny spring morning!

Part 3 begins with a couple of quick “doodles,” as Harold, sitting alone in his room, quickly draws a boat, then sees it swallowed by a giant octopus, then a cowboy who goes down in a hail of arrows. These are little exploratory daydreams that he abandons as soon as they get too scary, and they serve as a little “amuse bouche” before moving on to the next big adventure: Harold’s trip to the Circus!

Parade music introduces a series of circus characters in short vignettes. A bluesy tenor sax introduces an extended bit with two clowns (or is it three? the staging plays tricks on the eye!) in a musical section called “Clowning Around.” A short bit follows where Harold draws an elephant, then draws a peanut to feed to him. The next extended section is a ragtime dance for two horses. This circus sequence showcases the virtuoso Enchantment performers, who dash offstage, change costumes, and then return to the stage to clown, caper, dance, mime and cavort with skill and panache as dozens of different characters. Tomorrow, the circus continues! Meanwhile, plan to see Harold live onstage on April 12 and 13 at the Merriam Theater!

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