Harold and The Purple Crayon – Part 3b (Day 78)

The circus continues in today’s episode of The Adventures of Harold and the Purple Crayon. Let’s listen:

After the prancing ponies finish their performance, Harold watches a magic show. A table is set onstage on which a top hat magically appears, and then Harold is able to turn it into a bouquet of flowers. A large trunk is wheeled onstage and an assistant climbs into the trunk and vanishes. It’s a splendid display that was orchestrated by the master of magic himself, Landis Smith, one of the founders of Enchantment Theater Company.

Lion TamerThe last episode of Harold’s visit to the circus is a lion tamer. Harold puts his head inside the jaws of the beast and receives the audience’s tumultuous applause. In the last bit of magic, the circus disappears and Harold finds himself home again. Was it all a dream? What will his next adventure be?

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