Harold and The Purple Crayon – Part 5b (Day 81)

It’s a sunny Sunday morning in Philly, with buds on the bushes and music in the air. Project 194 continues to attract visitors at a steady pace, and after 80 days, I’ve now passed the 1000-visitor mark! Of course, plenty of these are casual drop-ins of less than a minute, but about a third of my visitors are spending quality time on the site, and that’s something to sing about!

Meanwhile, Harold is deep in the midst of his final adventure, the one that began with yesterday’s post, when his new best friend was kidnapped by evil spiders and he had to suit up and rescue her.

Return of the evil spidersThe music in today’s excerpt begins with an extended jazzy piece called Searching The Castle. Once he finds the little girl and sets her free, the two of them have to make their escape the way Harold comes in, and the music is a fast-paced recapitulation of the themes heard previously. The pace of the movement is lively, and the images on the screens go flying by as the two hurry out of the castle. The “pastorale” theme that began Part 5 is heard as the two think they’ve escaped safely, but then the evil spiders return, accompanied by their ominous jazzy tune. The spiders are vanquished too, and the only thing left to face is a funny little old lady. Or is she really a little old lady? In my next post, the finale of The Adventures of Harold and the Purple Crayon, coming to the Merriam Theater on April 12.

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