Time is a Mirror, from Einstein’s Dreams (Day 87)

Einstein was fascinated with the nature of time, and Lightman’s novella presents a number of different fantasies about what time might be like in Einstein’s teeming imagination. Today’s selection from Einstein’s Dreams is music for an episode in which he speculates that time might be like a mirror.

Quiet are the city streets,
Free from chaos, free from care.
Music from a violin
Gently fills the evening air.

A simple folk-tune is stated by the chorus at the beginning of this section, followed by a passage for two violins. I adore the effect created by the two violins beginning the tune together but slowly going out of sync; effects like this were remarkable effective for “theatricalizing” the notion of relativity using the materials of music and movement. In addition to Sasha, who played on yesterday’s selection, the versatile instrumentalist, singer and actress Phoebe Silva plays on this track, while Ed Renninger rants charmingly on as the young Albert.

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