There Will Be Time, from Einstein’s Dreams (Day 89)

Rooftop scene from "Einstein's Dreams"In this last post showcasing the music of Einstein’s Dreams, a 2007 music theater work I created with playwright Albert Innaurato and director Whit MacLaughlin, I offer two short fragments: a love song and a lullaby. The first is sung by Albert to his beloved Mileva Maric, the two of whom are pictured on the left, as portrayed by Ed Renninger and Rachel Radenburg, accompanied by Oliver Lidert as Einstein’s friend and fellow physicist Besso; the text of this is by Innaurato.

We do understand one another, my love.
We do share secrets and longings.
We are one.
I feel so close to her now that she could be here,
Not just near, not just in my brain,
But here in the flesh, with me, my own.
They say love is strange,
But our love is no mystery.
She is clear to me,
Here with me!

The second piece, a lullaby, is sung on this track by Elyse Ault. It came at the end of a sequence called “Tempus Fugit,” one that suggested in music and movement the feeling of time racing by, and I liked the way it contrasted with the chaotic events that preceded it.

There will be time,
Soon enough, little one,
Time for all of life’s folly.
Time for heartbreak and time for haste,
Time to wonder with time left to waste.
There will be time,
Soon enough, little one,
For all life’s allure and alarms
But now it’s time to slumber peacefully,
Little one, here in my arms.

Is there ever enough time? A child thinking about the future imagines an infinite number of days, but as I’ve grown older, I’ve become increasingly aware that time is finite, a resource to be managed, allocated among competing priorities. We speak of “spending time,” as if we were making withdrawals from an account, and in the days leading up to my sixtieth birthday, I begin to wonder and to worry how much is left in that account. If you’re reading this now, it means you’ve decided to spend a few moments of your precious time with me, and I am grateful that you’ve chosen to do that. This is what artists ask of the world: that you take the time to pay attention to the work we’ve spent so much time creating. In exchange for your time, we offer delight, insight, emotion, connection. Is it worth the time? I believe it is.

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