I’m Growing, from A Tiny Miracle (Day 92)

LittleTreeIn yesterday’s episode of A Tiny Miracle, the Grandson planted a little Christmas tree in the shade of the Wise Oak tree, not knowing that the shade of the Oak would slows its growth. Before long, strange feelings begin to stir in all the trees, as the growing season begins. The lead vocalist on this track is Anah Klate, a UArts musical theater student at the time this recording was made.

Something very strange is happening to me.
I’ve begun to change quite imperceptibly
Every branch is twitching
Every cell is itching
This is so bewitching.
Can it really be?
I’m growing, I’m growing, I’m growing!
(Oh, my goodness!)

One by one, I feel my needles start to sprout.
In the sun, my branches all are branching out.
Something quite immense is
Flooding all my senses
This is so intense, it makes me want to shout,
I’m growing, I’m growing, I’m growing!

Growing stronger, growing greener,
Growing happier am I.
Reaching deeper in the earth, and
Stretching taller toward the sky!

Chorus: Every evergreen is starting to revive.
Have you ever seen an acre more alive?
Summer’s warmth induces
All the vital juices
In the pines and spruces
And they start to thrive.
They’re glowing,
They’re showing
They’re growing…

Little Tree: …Like me!

Wise Oak: Forest creatures loved this tree,
Squirrel and fox and chickadee,
There they gathered, there they played
And there they rested in her shade.
Seeking shelter from the rain,
Beneath her tiny branches they would run,
While the little tree
Waited patiently
To enjoy her moment in the sun.

What’s this strange sensation stirring in my shoots?
Like the sound of trumpets tooting rooty-toots…
(Chorus scats like a Latin band)
Deep within my blood
I feel the urge to bud, and
Mother Nature’s rhythms rock me to my roots!

Chorus: All of us trees
Become weak in the knees
When we feel the spring breezes start blowing.
We’re growing, we’re growing!

Little Tree and Chorus: You must forgive me if I crow!
I want the world to know I’m growing!
Just watch me grow!

For what it’s worth, I sent A Tiny Miracle to Steve Sondheim, and received a very nice note in response. He singled out this song as one he especially liked. I like it too, especially in April as things all around seem to be growing.

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