I’m (Not) Growing, from A Tiny Miracle (Day 93)

The story of the Little Tree continues in this third episode of A Tiny Miracle. Although she is initially exhilarated by the feelings of growth that spring induces, she is dismayed to discover that all the other trees are growing faster than she is.

Something very strange has happened here, I see.
Every tree is growing — every one but me!
Will I stay a twig, or
Will I, too, get bigger?
Can you help me figure how this came to be?
(spoken) I’m not growing!

The Wise Oak offers some reassurance in the next song, which I’ve already posted earlier in Project 194. Still, you should listen to it in the context of the story to appreciate its meaning.

Happy tree w animalsThese songs speak to two of the biggest issues I continue to deal with in my heart, even at the ripe old age of nearly-sixty. The first is the dismay that comes from comparing myself to others – that person has a Tony Award, that person has already retired and is living in Miami, that person got a Macarthur Grant, and look at me! What have I accomplished? What am I doing wrong? Those thoughts don’t go away just because you’ve reached a certain age, or achieved some particular level of accomplishment.

The second, which follows on from the first, is the question of faith. FAITH. Faith provides a way of dealing with bad feelings, including those that come up when you compare yourself unfavorably to others. The song Have A Little Faith offers these words of wisdom:

Each of us is a kind of miracle,
A precious gift to share.
Even you are a tiny miracle
And it takes time to see
What kind of miracle you were meant to be.

Yes, it takes time. Last night, I attended a party celebrating the tenth anniversary of the business where both my sons work; my older son, Alex, is a partner and co-founder of the business. In the past ten years, the business has grown from two employees to twenty one. Neither of the founders had any idea where the road would lead them when they started their business ten years ago; they just had a notion of the kind of work they’d like to do and the values they’d like to see their business embody. And how it’s grown! A tiny miracle, not so tiny any more. We read A Tiny Miracle to Alex when he was a toddler, who now has his own son, his own tiny miracle. Everywhere around us, there are miracles like this, and seeing this helps me to keep the faith at times when I fret about how my accomplishments measure up in comparison to others and how frustrated I am to not have reached a certain level by a certain time.

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