Make Me Beautiful, from A Tiny Miracle (Day 94)

In my last Tiny Miracle post, the Little Tree received assurances from the Wise Oak that her “purpose would be plain in time” and that she needed to “have a little faith.”

The next song in A Tiny Miracle, Whispering Trees, was featured in an earlier post here. Back on Day 27, I was posting weather-related songs, and Whispering Trees depicts a wintry scene with evergreen trees slumbering beneath the winter snows.

Inevitably, though, the time comes for the trees to be cut down and taken to market. The Little Tree is nearly left behind, but the Grandson (now considerably grown up himself) pleads with his Grandfather and the tree he planted is added to the others already on the truck. On their way to be delivered to a tree lot in the city, the trees sense the excitement in the air, and fantasize about how they will be decorated for the holiday.

The lead vocal in this song is assigned to a Pretty Tree, and the voice is unmistakably D’Arcy’s. Here she’s in full musical-comedy mode, and Anah Jyoti Klate joins in as the Little Tree at the end:

Truckload of trees 2Say “so long” to the sticks, kid.
Its rustic appeal has paled for me.
We’re on a one-way road to the big time,
The glamorous land of my fantasy!

Break out the bright lights and tinsel,
Bring on the garlands and beads!
I’m simply pining
For something that’s bright and shining.
Make me beautiful!
Make me beautiful!

Dress me in trinkets and treasures,
Silver and gold and maroon.
For years now I’ve waited,
It’s time I was decorated.
Make me beautiful
And make it soon!

Fresh off the farm,
I’m a bundle of charm,
Just a babe from the woods, it’s true.
A little bit green
To the downtown scene,
But I’m ready to make my big city debut!

String up the berries and popcorn,
Hang a star upon my highest bough!
Decked out for Christmas,
I know I’ll be a wow!
Make me beautiful,
Make me beautiful now!

Trees: String us with peppermint candies..

(Pretty Tree: White and pink’ll
Make me twinkle!)

Drape us with satin and lace…

Pretty Tree: It’s gorgeous,
Just gorgeous!
If it’s no trouble,
I’m crazy for lights that bubble!
Make me beautiful!
Make me beautiful!

(Music: City fanfare.)

Pretty Tree: Everything shines in the city,
Got to outshine it all somehow!

(Trees: We’re gonna paint the town!)

Decked out for Christmas,
I know I’ll be a wow!

Pretty Tree and Little Tree: Dress me smartly, dress me cutely,
“Absatively, posolutely…”

(Other trees:) Dressed for the holidays
Best expect jolly days,

Make me beautiful,
Make me beautiful now!

(Other trees:) We’re bringing Christmas to the city!

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