Alone, from A Tiny Miracle (Day 96)

Yesterday’s post from A Tiny Miracle captured the hustle and bustle of a busy tree lot, with customers and carolers all filled with the holiday spirit. At the end of the day, Wally, the proprietor of the tree lot, encounters a man who’s down on his luck and a little bit short of funds; I posted the song that Wally sings, Have A Little Christmas On Me, in an earlier post.

Eventually, all the trees on the lot are sold – all, that is, except for the Little Tree, who has observed the comings and goings on the lot from a perch on Wally’s shed. As Wally closes up for the night on Christmas Eve, it becomes painfully apparent that the Little Tree will not find a home, and she sings the song Alone:

Little tree aloneAlone,
It’s Christmas Eve and I’m alone
And it’s an awful sort of feeling,
Like none that I’ve known.
I’ve come so far,
My hopes so high.
Can it be true,
There’s no one who will buy?
Well, here am I,

I’m small.
They see I’m little, and that’s all,
But if you measure me in love,
I’m a hundred feet tall!
The love I bring
Is as big as all outdoors
But unless you make me yours,
That love remains unknown
And I remain alone.

Like the Little Tree herself, this song is little but full of powerful emotion, and Anah Jyoti Klate’s rendition of it tugs at my heartstrings. For some reason, I can still remember writing this tune, in my bathrobe, half awake early one morning; sometimes, these things come to me and it’s just my job to write them down. Those are the moments I live for, moments when it seems like I’m merely a conduit for some bit of celestial magic. At such times, being alone can be a wonderful thing, but I crave connection as well, just like the Little Tree, and the fear that “the love I bring” will “remain unknown” is well-known to me. Hear My Song!

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