Direct from the studio on Day 101!

Day 101 was a fabulous day here in South Philly! It began with a wonderful party to celebrate 100 days of Project 194. The guests included Michael Doherty, whose rendition of The Lady In Daddy’s Pajamas delighted the assembled crowd. We all joined voices for our by-now traditional rendition of Hear My Song, and after the singing, we adjourned to the kitchen for frittatas and friendship.

The afternoon segued to a recording session in the afternoon with guitarist Christopher Farrell for The Brave Little Tailor, which produced, among other wonders, the following:

Chris and I spent four solid hours in the Cave of Wonders, laying down acoustic and electric guitar tracks for the new show. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

If you missed them, these are the songs already posted on Project 194; the links on the right are songs chosen at random from previous posts. Want to contribute to my interactive composition, “Hear My Song?” Read more here. Want to receive daily songs delivered direct to your inbox? Sign up here!

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