Day 106: The Brave Little Tailor meets a Giant

I spent a rewarding day preparing a lecture on Bernstein’s Mass and a class on songs in contemporary musicals, but my work was so absorbing that I’m a little past midnight getting these posts up on the blog. If anyone is keeping track, you’re welcome to give me a demerit for today’s performance. I think, however, that it’s probably the case that I’m accountable to no-one but myself on this one, and so I’ll pretend that everything is in order here at Project 194.

We left off the story of the Brave Little Tailor after he killed seven flies with a single stroke and made himself a banner proclaiming that fact. He set off to tell the kingdom about his accomplishment, pausing along the way to take on a little bird as a passenger. Now, we pick up the tale as he meets a Giant who seems unimpressed by his accomplishment. Let’s listen to what happens next.

Tomorrow – well, later today, that is – I’ll post the next episode, as the Tailor daydreams about the Princess on his way to the Palace. Meanwhile, I’m turning in for a bit of night dreaming. Tomorrow is my lecture on Mass, a work which rocked my world when I saw it the first week of my freshman year at UDel. I’m eagerly looking forward to introducing a new generation of undergrads to this mind-blowing music theater work!

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