Day 107: The Brave Little Tailor travels to the Palace

After his encounter with the two Giants, the Tailor is more than happy to get back on the road to the palace. As he travels, however, he can’t stop thinking about the Princess he met in the marketplace. Eventually, his journey brings him to the palace where she lives.

The Princess Dance emerged out of a fun interaction between choreographer Scott McPheeters, director Leslie Reidel, the performers and me. We used the theme that had been introduced back in the marketplace, but then I dropped in a couple club beats and asked guitarist Chris Farrell to give me some sixteenth note action. The fact that Josh, who plays the Tailor, is no great dancer doesn’t matter a bit; his slightly goofy quality is a perfect fit for this quirky moment. I love it when I can reuse thematic material with some sort of transformation, and the same thing happens when the Tailor returns to the road: I bring back the shuffle-beat blues that opened the show, adding a ritard to suggest his growing exhaustion.

Tomorrow, an encounter with two villagers makes a big difference in how the Tailor is received at the palace!

Meanwhile, how about checking out another Project 194 song at random? Use the links on the right, or try this one.

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