Day 108: He Must Be A Warrior

Tired after his long journey, the Tailor falls asleep outside the castle. Two villagers come upon him and, reading “Seven In One Blow” on his sash, decide that he must be a great warrior, and hurry to tell the king. The king decided that this brave warrior should be his general, and sends a courtier to bestow that title on the Tailor.

The story of the Brave Little Tailor includes a number of moments where people jump to conclusions. The Tailor’s impulsive decision to advertise his fly-killing prowess leads others to believe he is much braver than he really is, and he’s only too happy to play along with their mistaken perceptions. “General? Why not!” he thinks, when the Courtier arrives to inform him of the King’s decision. I find the loopy logic of the story quite charming, and the music, which chugs along propelled by various loops of guitar and rhythm, seems to convey that same sense of casual but inevitable momentum.

There’s not much in the way of trunk material in The Brave Little Tailor, but the heroic music that plays when the Tailor is made a general is an exception. I wrote these phrases as part of a song for Realities called I Have To Stand, in which Alex, the main character, tries to summon his courage to face his rival, Miles. Later, I tried it out in Gemini the Musical, as the basis for a song that Francis sang before smashing his birthday cake called Here’s To You; that song got cut after an early workshop. The music rose from the dead last year, when it seemed appropriately heraldic for Shakespeare’s Scottish warrior, Macbeth, though only a sliver of it wound up in the score. Here, it sounds like a quotation of something portentous, but I’m just quoting myself.

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