Day 110: The Second Task

The Tailor manages to capture the rampaging rhino with a combination of ingenuity and luck, and leads his captive back to the palace. The King and the Courtier are dumbstruck that their plan didn’t work, but quickly come up with another impossible challenge: get rid of the two giants whose robbing and bullying have dismayed the peasants. The Tailor feels confident that his skills are up to this task.

As in the first Giant scene, the music here is a version of the Tailor’s Seven In One Blow song, slowed down to a swaggering funk tempo. I recorded the actors who play the two giants but used Garageband to lower the pitch of their voices to a more giant-like register. Of course, this scene isn’t nearly as much fun without the visuals: the two giants have enormous puppet heads and enormous shillelaghs which they use to pummel one another, and the scene ends with choreographed flying body parts.

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