Day 111: The Final Task

A third task awaits the Brave Little Tailor, one that will put his vaunted bravery to its ultimate test. After the Tailor returns to the palace to report that the two giants have been successfully dispatched, the King and the Courtier are at a momentary loss about what challenge to give to the Tailor next. Circumstances come to the rescue, however, as a terrified villager bursts in shrieking warnings about a dragon on the loose. The King tells the Tailor that, if he successfully slays the dragon, he will receive not only his daughter’s hand but three-quarters of his kingdom.

In Enchantment Theatre’s version of this tale, the Princess plays a surprising role in the Tailor’s success. The Dragon is a formidable opponent, and things are looking grim for the Tailor, when suddenly a mysterious warrior appears, brandishing a sword with which the Dragon is quickly dispatched. After the Dragon disappears, the warrior reveals herself to be the Princess in disguise! She swears the Tailor to secrecy and they return, separately, to the palace.

The dragon battle was a particularly enjoyable piece for guitarist Christopher Farrell and me to work on. I encouraged him to crank up the overdrive on his guitar to produce a blistering distorted tone, and then he improvised various guitar flourishes while watching a video of the battle scene. To this, I added the voice of Aaron Lathrop, the creator and operator of the dragon puppet, growling and laughing, and then pitched those sounds down substantially to create a beastly tone. All in all, it turned out to be a compelling final “boss battle.”

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