Overture from She Stoops to Conquer (Day 122)

A lively bit of instrumental music from the reel-to-reel archives: the opening music for She Stoops to Conquer, a production of Oliver Goldsmith’s 1773 play produced at Carnegie Mellon University in 1976.

She Stoops to ConquerYou don’t have to look too hard to discern the influence of Bernstein’s Candide overture in this piece. Voltaire’s Candide, originally published in 1753, inspired a brilliant operetta by Bernstein, Lillian Hellman, John Latouche et al, and I was already entranced by Lenny’s brilliance as a composer by the time I hit grad school, having attended the premiere of his Mass at the opening of the Kennedy Center in 1971.

I arrived at Carnegie Mellon in the fall of 1975 to pursue an MFA in Directing, but I’d begun pursuing musical theater as a composer in the last few years as an undergraduate, and so I began sniffing around for opportunities to do some composing shortly after I arrived. 1975-76 was actually a fairly busy year for me: not only She Stoops, but also the score for Deadbeat with Dorothy Louise, back at the U of D. Stay tuned for more music from 40 years ago in my next few posts!

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