Rock-A-Bye Me, Ernie (Day 124)

A special day at UArts today, as we paid tribute to Ernie Losso, beloved teacher of acting, on the occasion of his retirement. The crowd that gathered included a number of alumni, including nearly a dozen that traveled to Philly from New York for the occasion, as well as current students and colleagues. As you’ll see in the video, they all did a fine job sight-reading the song I created for the occasion, a new lyric set to the tune of “Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody,” a ditty made famous by Al Jolson.

Ernie, chum,
I wrote these words to send you on your way,
On your day.
Time has come,
And look who’s gathered, their respects to pay
Here today!
From moment to moment, you gave us all the chance
To master living truthfully under any circumstance.

Rock-a-bye me, Ernie, with a Meisner melody!
When you croon, croon the tune
That you learned from Sandy!
I was a baby when we began,
But you bewitched me, You had a plan.
You taught me repetition
And helped me learn to lose my inhibition.
How you vexed me, Ernie, when I was a foolish youth,
But what you said got me out of my head
So I could live the truth.
From down in Carolina where you’re staying,
You’ll hear a thousand former students saying,
Ernie, thanks for rocking my world
With a Meisner melody!

Warmest wishes to Ernie, who’s been rocking the world of student actors at UArts for the past fifteen years! Tomorrow, I’ll return to the business of posting work from the archives for Project 194!

Rockabye Me Ernie

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