Good Show, from Leading Lady (Day 129)

Yesterday I posted the first opening number I wrote for Leading Lady, Only The Best. Eventually, though, I hit on a way to open the show that introduces the ensemble and the milieu more effectively without all the “we’re going to do a show for you” fol-de-rol. It’s called “Good Show!” and you’ll hear David Schwartz as Zimmermann kicking it off, with Owen Robbins at the piano. This comes from the 2013 workshop, and the ensemble is comprised largely of Bill Fennelly’s students from Drexel University.

Good show, everybody!
Well done!
We gave the crowd their money’s worth of fun!
Tonight was quite the banquet
And Philly got its fill.
The patrons of the Orpheum have never seen such skill!
Great job, everybody!
First rate!
We made two hundred dollars at the gate! (That’s great!)
I think I may have even heard a faint “bravo”!
Well done, everybody!
Good show!

Good show, everybody…
[to various members of the company, one by one.]
You missed your cue because you overslept. (It won’t happen again.)
Your timing in the shooting scene
Leaves much to be desired.
Remember not to scream and die
Until the gun gets fired! (Check. Gun. Scream. Die. Got it.)
More tears at the top of act two! (I’ll cry you a river, boss.)
I’d try to zip my fly if i were you. (Oh dear, how embarrassing.)
[To everyone within earshot.]
We’ll make a few improvements
At tomorrow’s call.
Good show, everybody, thank you all!

[Before he can leave, the stage manager tells Zimmermann that he needs to have a word with his tipsy leading lady.]

Nancy, that was quite a show tonight!
Nancy, are you sure you feel all right?
You seemed to be a bit under the weather.
Nancy, can you pull yourself together?

Darling Nancy,
You’re my leading lady.
Fine and fancy,
Every inch a star!
Everybody looks to you to set a certain tone
But Nancy, it’s well known
That you can’t leave the gin alone!

Nancy, sweetie,
This is my entreaty:
Though you may be worshipped and admired —
True, your charms are ample,
But you must set a good example.
Sober up, my dear, or else you’re fired!

[A young actress in the company named Mary Callahan approaches Zimmermann with ideas about how to expand her small part. Little do we know that Mary Callahan will become Mae Desmond in the scenes ahead, and Zimmermann doesn’t seem to think she’s destined for greatness.]

Mary honey,
I’ll admit you’re funny
But you mustn’t try to pad your part
Dear Miss Miscellaneous
Your ad-libs are extraneous
You’ll learn to cut them if you’re smart!

[The company gathers for payday and a high-spirited finale.]

ALL: Good show, everybody.
But nothing beats the joy of getting paid!
The effort is exhausting,
But still it has rewards.
We’re proud to be the most intrepid troupe to tread the boards.

Tonight was our best night by far.
I think we’ve earned a beverage at the bar!
A couple pints and I’ll be feeling quite all right!
Well done, everybody!
‘Twas fun, everybody!
Top notch, everybody!

NANCY. (stumbling out, flask in hand.) Some scotch, anybody?

ALL. Good show, everybody, and now, now, now,
Good night!

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