As Long As We’re Together, from Leading Lady (Day 133)

Frank decides – rather precipitously, in Mae’s opinion – that it’s time to quit the Chestnut Street stock company, and persuades Mae that their prospects are bright in the song By God Gumption, during which Mae and Frank travel to New York – well, Brooklyn – with their infant son Jamie and Frank’s mother, Maggie, in tow. This number chronicles the challenges they face as they adapt to life in a new city. Their big adventure in the Big Apple includes some big inconveniences, and yet they seem to triumph over adversity with one another’s help.

MAE: This flat’s a tiny two-by-four
MAGGIE: A walk up on the seventh floor
FRANK: And yet, It’s great to be together
MAE: We’re packed like sardines in a tin
MAGGIE: Do you suppose we’ll all fit in?
FRANK: You bet!
ALL: It’s great to be together!

(The rumble of a train is heard nearby.)

MAGGIE: My God, is that the El?
It’s twice as loud as hell
MAE: The noise will Make poor Jamie wake
And he’ll start to yell.

FRANK: Well…
MAGGIE: I’ll start some laundry in the sink
That is, if I can stand the stink
The chores, I think, will just have to Wait.

ALL: As long as we’re together, it’s great!

MAE: This room could use an airing,
But I think this window’s painted shut.

(She groans.)

FRANK: Let’s open it together.
This place just needs a bit of care.
You’ll make some pillows for this chair.
Now there!
ALL: We’ll fix it up together.

FRANK: This sofa should go here.
I’ll help you move it, dear.

MAGGIE: Some curtains made of lace will add a wee bit of cheer!
A bunch of flowers would be sweet.

MAE: I saw a florist down the street.

FRANK: Now, Mother I’m afraid we’ll be late.

MAGGIE: That’s all right, darling.

ALL: As long as we’re together, it’s great!

MAGGIE: They’re out the door each day at dawn
And I’m on duty while they’re gone
Oh, gee
It’s great to be together!
While they’re rehearsing night and day,
I get to stay at home and play
And with their Granny they will play
While we’re rehearsing, night and day
It’s great to be together!
He makes a lot of noise
And scatters all his toys
I do my best to keep things neat
But boys will be boys …

Jamie, your Granny’s just going to rest her eyes for a minute.

(She nods off. MAE and FRANK sneak in.)

At night, when Jamie’s tucked in bed.
And poor old Granny’s nearly dead
We tiptoe in because it’s so late,

(MAGGIE snores on the couch.)
And crawl in bed together –
It’s great!

[Mary and Frank tiptoe in, slip into pj’s and climb in bed. MAGGIE continues to snore.]

MARY: I can’t believe how loud she snores
It shakes the windows and the floors

MAGGIE: Snxnx!

[Alarm clock. Music suddenly faster. Pantomime of rushing to theater. BACKSTAGE. The dialogue overlaps like crazy.)

I’ve got a lucky star to thank
I get to spend each day with Frank
On stage
It’s great to be together
We’re called the darlings of the day
Just like two lovebirds on display
You bet!
It’s great to be together.

[aside.] He’s rather prone to flirt
And watch a passing skirt
But he’s been taught, if he gets caught,
He’s going to get hurt.

I’m happy that my love is near
[Music pauses while they kiss]
Although he sometimes smells of beer
And alcohol’s the one thing I hate
But long as we’re together
It’s great

FRANK & MAE (and COMPANY): We never go our separate ways
We’re far too busy doing plays!
Oh, no!
It’s great to be together.
We make a perfect married team
Tho’ sometimes we’re a harried team
What ho!
It’s great to be together
FRANK: She’s my leading lady,
MAE: He’s my leading man
BOTH: We’re following the leader just as best we can

ALL [next five lines as stretto/round]
Our/their love’s a flag we/they wave with pride
Our/their dressing rooms are side by side
Our loving looks proclaim our vows
We share our books, we share our bows!
We/they see the world with eager eyes,
And oh, how well we harmonize!
It’s plain to see, we pull our weight
We never get to sleep too late

FRANK & MAE: And when we’re busy, sex has to wait

ALL: But as long as we’re together
It’s great!

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