A Few Improvements, from Leading Lady (Day 144)

A dozen dozen days of songs, and still more where that came from! Project 194 is coming along nicely, and recently passed the 5,000-pageview mark. Whether this is your first time or you are a repeat visitor, welcome! I’m so grateful that you’re here, and that you’re willing to spend a little time listening to today’s song, A Few Improvements from Leading Lady.

In yesterday’s post, we heard Frank make a big business decision while Mae is out of town: he signs the lease on an enormous theater in Center City. Now he’s got to tell Mae what he’s done, and she’s understandably stunned.

Frank launches into a second song, Get In Step With The Times, which begins with him trying to persuade Mae that this new initiative makes perfect sense considering how important it is to remain up-to-date. We’ll hear this song develop into a full-fledged production number in an upcoming post. First, though, enjoy vocalists Shannon Remley and Bryan Black, from the 2012 UArts New Play Festival:

MAE: So you’ve made a few improvements?
Now whatever could you mean?
Did you fix that tear in the lobby rug?
Did you paint the green room green?

Did you fix that squeaky floorboard
By the flyrail offstage right?
The actors hear it every night
And they keep complaining.

So you’ve made a few improvements –
I wish you’d tell me where.
Did you sort out that mess in accounting?
Are the lumber bills still mounting?

Did you clean that stain on the curtain?
Yes, I’m certain! Halle-loo!
Mister Fielder, there’s no greater saint than you!


So you’ve made one BIG improvement.
Won’t you tell me what’s improved?
Did you fix the loo like I asked you to
On the day before we moved?

Did you finally change the curtain call
In the comedy for tonight?
The actors know it isn’t right
And they keep complaining.

There’s so much that needs improvement.
Are you keeping me in suspense?
Is it possible you’ve been attending
To the props that needed mending?
These improvements you’ve been making,
Are you keeping them a surprise?

FRANK: I can show you, dear, but first please close your eyes!

[Dialog: he presents the new lease to her.]

MAE: So you’ve made a few improvements,
Maybe more than just a few
What in God’s name did you do?

FRANK: Goodbye to melodrama!
That kind of stuff is passe!
Don’t waste another comma
Writing that old-fashioned way.
Twenties crowds want witty tales,
Gritty tales,
City tales,
No rustic rhapsodies!
Pick up the tempo, please!

The time has come to modernize.
The country is changing in front of our eyes
So come on, get wise!
Get in step with the times.
The nineteen-twenties call for “pep,”
A livelier style and a snappier step,
So don’t be a schlep,
Get in step with the times!
The human race
Picked up the pace.
Stay in one place and you face defeat.
The march of time has a brand new beat,
A synco-syncopation!
And as the times accelerate,
The audience grows at a frightening rate!
To be out of date
Is the gravest of crimes!
So don’t procrastinate
Get in step with the times!

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