Get In Step With The Times, from Leading Lady (Day 148)

The musical theme for the song “Get In Step With The Times” was actually introduced on Project 194 a couple of days ago, as the follow-up to the song “A Few Improvements.” Frank is trying to persuade Mae to move into a new, bigger theater, and thinks that a more modern show will draw the crowds in. He enlists her sister Bernice, also a member of the family business, and Mae’s little sister performs a vampy version of the number for some prospective backers at the Merion Cricket Club. This is the 1920’s, and girls are getting thoroughly modern, much to Mae’s distress. Kate Kennedy delivered a knockout punch with this number in the 2012 workshop!

The moving pictures now are in their prime
The local nickelodeon charges a dime
And the price will climb
It’s a sign of the times.
Marconi’s wireless now is everywhere
Your future is shot if you’re not on the air
So you’d best take care
Get in step with the times.
And everywhere
Gramophones blare
Filling the air with the sound of jazz
Oh, what a magic that music has!
A synco-syncopation
These thrilling sounds and dazzling sights
Will gratify and satisfy our appetites.
Such divine delights
Are what modern folk need
So get in step with the times
If you want to succeed!

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