Get In Step With The Times Finale, from Leading Lady (Day 151)

Whoa, somehow I got ahead of myself and forgot to post the Big Finish of Get In Step With The Times, the glitzy, glamorous number that Mae and Frank perform at the Metropolitan Opera House! If you’re listening to these posts in order, this would come before Day 150’s post, Who Do You Think You Are. In this number, we see Mae and Bernice dressed as flappers, a style that comes more naturally to the youthful Bernice than it does to her more demure older sister; Mae has a little more difficulty getting in step with the times, as it turns out. Shannon Remley and Kate Kennedy play Mae and Bernice, and Lucas Kappler gives the rousing introduction.

The Bunny Hug and Turkey Trot
Have taken the place of the waltz and gavotte
People dance a lot
To the steps of the times.
As couples glide across the floor,
They come to discover what rhythm is for,
And they all want more
Of the steps of the times.
All night and day,
They pound the parquet,
In a display of amazing pep.
And they put ginger in every step,
A synco-syncopation.
The world’s gone crazy, I suppose
But you’ll be all right if you stay on your toes
Heaven only knows
Where this madness will lead
So get in step with the times
If you want to succeed!

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