You Must Go On, from Leading Lady (Day 153)

D'Arcy in Leading LadyThis song was written for the penultimate scene of Leading Lady, in its September 2013 iteration. Mae and Frank are bereft, having just lost their son Jamie in the influenza epidemic. Mae in particular is full of remorse, thinking that somehow her decision to put career before family was responsible in some way for his death. Maggie tries to console here by singing this. Of course it was written for D’Arcy Webb.

Maggie: I know you’re weary,
Bereft of hope.
You’ve nothing left,
Least of all the strength to cope.
It’s been a bad time,
Morale is down.
Too many good souls
Are gone from Germantown.

I can’t imagine
What you’ve been through,
But look around,
There’s others just as lost as you.
Though it may seem like
All hope is gone,
Your heart is broken.
You must go on.

The neighbors love you.
You’d be amazed.
I can’t recall a day
When i don’t hear you praised.
That you’re a star here
I can’t deny,
But there’s no one who’s
Half as proud of you as I.

Your son adored you,
I know it’s true.
His favorite moments
Were the ones he spent with you.
And though it’s painful
To think he’s gone,
You do him honor
By going on.
It isn’t easy,
But we go on.

To heal the wounded,
To tend the soul,
That has to be
The artist’s proper goal.
Among our neighbors
Your name is known.
They need the comfort
They can get from you alone.

(With chorus:) The public needs us
To bring them cheer
To lift their spirits
As they shed a private tear
The darkest hours
Are past and gone.
It won’t be easy
But we go on
Though it’s not easy
We must go on!

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