Prologue to Peter Rabbit Tales (Day 155)

Peter Rabbit TalesWell, turns out there are 30 songs from Leading Lady on Project 194 – that’s 20% of my total posts! A lot of tunes, to be sure, but that project has been very important for me over the last four years.

Just as a bit of a palate-cleanser, today I’m posting some new work-in-progress from Peter Rabbit Tales, the upcoming Enchantment Theatre Company production for which we just completed a two-week developmental workshop at a Secret Location somewhere in East Falls. Here’s a chance for you to hear what new work sounds like in its developmental state. The music on this track is created by my notation program, Finale, and so it lacks the quality and vitality that human players would bring to it. Still, it provided a useful background for us while the staging for the opening minutes of the production were created. We won’t get around to recording the final tracks til August, after the completion of Project 194 and the big birthday concert, but I’ll bet I have some digital orchestrations to share before much longer!

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