Tu Padre E Per Sempre, from Gemini the Musical (Day 172)

This seems like a perfect song for Fathers Day.

For me, the heart of Gemini the Musical is the relationship between Francis and his father, Fran. It is a story about many things, of course, but the aspect of it that I connected with most personally was the father-son bond. The discovery that his son Francis is gay rocks Fran’s world, that’s for sure, but only momentarily; he quickly discovers that, whatever happens, a father’s love for his son is forever.
“Tu Padre E Per Sempre.”

Tu padre e per sempre!
Your papa will always be here.
Your world may shatter,
It kinda don’ matter.
Though you’re alone and in despair,
Just call your pops and he’ll be there.

Il mondo e pazzo
Ragazzo, senti mi ben.
Don’t ever be afraid to call your father,
No matter why, no matter where, no matter when!

Your friends may leave you,
Your chicks may deceive you,
Your bills may all be overdue,
But Babbo’s here to see you through.

Tu padre e per sempre,
Cabisce, kid? I’ll say it again!
Don’t ever be afraid to tell your father:
That’s the code of us Geminiani men.
We’re kinda crazy!
It’s the code of us Geminiani men.
We’re Abbrusezze!
That’s the code of us Geminiani men.

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