Ask The Police, from Sylvester and the Magic Pebble (Day 159)

They’ve asked the neighbors, and they’ve asked the children

158 Ask The Children

But it’s been hours now, and their son Sylvester is still missing, so Mr. and Mrs. Duncan decide its time to go to the police. In Steig’s book, the police are pigs – which makes me wonder if Steig was thinking about the derogatory slang term used to refer to the police back in the sixties, when this was written. In the Enchantment Theatre version, the police are bloodhounds, with deerstalker caps and Sherlock Holmes-style capes, and they climb over and under one another trying to pick up the scent of their quarry during “The Chase,” the second part of today’s music. The third part of the music depicts the sadness of the parents who must accept the fact that their son has disappeared, and is called “Blue Burro.”

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