Send in the Squirrels, from Sylvester and the Magic Pebble (Day 160)

When we last left Mr. and Mrs. Duncan, they were grieving about the disappearance of their son Sylvester, who had (unbeknownst to them) changed himself into a rock with the help of a magic pebble.

At this point in the story, Steig tells us “night followed day and day followed night over and over again.” The creative team at Enchantment Theater Company, however, got to wondering – what was going on during all those days and nights? What would Sylvester see and think about during the long months that stretched ahead of him? The middle section of the theatrical adaptation of Sylvester and the Magic Pebble is, as it turns out, much more Enchantment than Steig.

First up, for our amusement, is a trio of squirrels, two boys and a girl, collecting nuts and goofing around in the field where Sylvester’s rock is situated. This track is called “Send In The Squirrels.”

Sylvester: Squirrel Dance

When one of the squirrels pulls out a small transistor radio, he tunes in a raucous song called “Funky Little Donkey,” and the three of them dance with comical abandon.

After the squirrels go, we see another family tableau, this one featuring three pigs on a picnic. While Mother Pig spreads out their luncheon, Father and Son play a little football, “passing the pigskin,” as it were, until Junior takes a bad fall.

Pigs on a Picnic

The squirrels gathering nuts and the father-son football game are both signs of the season, and as the autumn chill grows deeper, Sylvester grows increasingly despondent as his thoughts drift toward memories of home – memories that will be featured in the next post!

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