Snow Bunnies and Winter Wolf, from Sylvester and the Magic Pebble (Day 162)

The seasons march on for Sylvester, as winter follows autumn and his rock is covered with snow. Meanwhile, bunnies cavort in the snow until a wolf arrives and scares them off. As the winter ends, those crazy squirrels emerge from hibernation. The thematic material in this section includes another transformation of the Welcome to Oatsdale theme, now tricked out in a sort of world-music Weather Report vibe, and a reprise of the Send in the Squirrels theme along with their Funky Donkey dance music. These sort of thematic connections are what gives this work integrity as a large-scale composition for me, but they only work if you experience the work with theatrical continuity. I hear that my friends at Enchantment are contemplating another production in 2016, so eventually there’ll be a chance to do that!

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