Day 166 (It’s A Wonder That A Body Survives)

The subject of wellness is one that’s near and dear to my heart, and even nearer and dearer to my wife D’Arcy, who actually has completed the training to be a certified wellness coach! That means you won’t find a microwave in our kitchen, but you will find a Vitamix that gets a daily workout. Quinoa? Fish oil? Magnesium supplements? Yes, yes, yes. Meanwhile, the sugar bowl is usually empty, and we only buy soda when we’re hosting a party where guests expect it to be there.

All of this makes this 1994 song seem terribly prescient. In the story of Realities, Hochman and I decided that our wheelchair-bound protagonist, Alex, should have a doctor with a droll sense of humor, someone not pious and holier-than-thou but down to earth and capable of indulging himself. Charles McCloskey did a great job of portraying this wise-cracking medico in our reading.

Doctor: The body is a wonder,
A marvelous machine,
And they say it’s built to last us all our lives,
But with all the ways we use it,
And we frequently abuse it,
It’s a wonder that a body survives.

Picking fights with yuppie goons
In their overpriced saloons
Is an action that i’ve often longed to take.
But heed the words of your physician:
You may be in peak condition,
But you have to give your body a break!

When your appetite is keen,
Do you reach for something green?
No, all you hackers love to snack on something sweet.
While that junk food seems to fill you,
In the end, it’s gonna kill you!
It’s amazing what a person will eat!

Why not give yourself a break,
And enjoy a juicy steak
With a baked potato, sour cream and chives?

Alex: Sounds great!

Doc: As you shovel in your meal,
you’ll feel your arteries congeal.
It’s a wonder that a body survives!

The day I finished med school
I closed my books and fled school
But I’ve remained a student even so
And as I’ve watched my patients come and go
It’s been an education
And a source of aggravation.

I’ve seen my share of bodies,
Some beauties and some oddies
You get all shapes and sizes, that’s for sure
But after all these years, it still surprises me to see
All the things a body is expected to endure.

There are those who see no harm
In a needle in the arm
Till their habit starts to dominate their lives
They deny their drug addiction
But in fact, that’s just a fiction
It’s a wonder that a body survives

You can smoke a pack a day
And deny your lungs are gray
Til the moment that your heart attack arrives.
Why not stay forever young
In a cozy iron lung?
It’s a wonder that a body survives!

Here’s a man who’s grown obsessed
With the need to be the best.
he’s a victim of his own incessant drives
You will pay for your success
With more physical distresses.
Stress can cut a person’s body worse than knives.
It’s a wonder any body survives!

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