The final scenes from Sylvester and the Magic Pebble (Day 163)

In the previous scenes, Sylvester has endured a long and solitary sojourn after accidentally transforming himself into a rock. Several seasons have come and gone with no solution to his dilemma in sight. As winter is followed by spring, his parents feel like they should try to get on with their lives, especially Mr. Duncan, who makes his wife a picnic and coaxes her to come for a walk. Without knowing it, they set up their picnic right alongside the rock where their son is trapped, and when Mr. Duncan discovers Sylvester’s magic pebble (unaware of its magical powers), he makes a wish that leads to an unexpected surprise – their son is changed from a rock back into a donkey! The parents can’t believe that a happy accident has restored their beloved son, but the three return home with a new awareness of how important they all are to one another.

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