Aflame, from Realities (Day 164)

Having posted the last of the music for Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, I can’t help noticing that there’s only 30 more days remaining in Project 194. My sixtieth birthday is a month away, and somehow I’ve managed to post a song every day for the past 163 days!

I want to return to my 1994 musical Realities, which I began posting songs from months ago. If you want to refresh yourself on the story line, you can visit this page for a synopsis of the story. I left off posting back at the point where Anna had persuaded Alex to travel into the city to see a performance by Miles Rushmore at The Cutting Edge. Miles’s performance of his song “Smash N Grab” creates a sensation at The Edge, and afterward Miles seeks out Alex, his former college roommate, who he hasn’t seen since the accident that left him wheelchair bound. In What Happened To The Song, Miles expresses his fondness for his old friend and his dismay to see the bitter man he’s become. The first act ends with a quartet: Anna has put Alex to bed, and Miles begins to come on to her aggressively. Meanwhile, Alex seeks the companionship of Alice, the digital sprite he’s created in his computer.

Forrest McClendon plays Miles, Matthew Cloran is Alex, Deirdre Finnegan is Anna and Claudia Carlsson is Alice. All four of these remarkable performers are still going strong, making remarkable theater and having remarkable lives twenty years later!

Miles: Pour some more Courvoisier
And turn the lights down low
Take a sip and savor the glow
Alex is asleep by now
He doesn’t know or care
This is just our personal affair

A flame
Our passion is a flame
If you allow it,
The flame begins to flicker
First slowly and then quicker
Like a fire, I see desire burning in your eyes
And isn’t it a shame when passion dies

Miles: Listen to the saxophone
And let yourself relax
All your apprehensions melt like wax.
Anna, why deny yourself
The pleasure that’s in store?
I can give you what you want and more

Anna (simultaneously): It’s hot,
Oh, yes, it’s hot
Getting very hot
I’ve got to stay controlled
But I’ve been cold a lot
And, oh, he’s hot
Still I better not
I’ve got to be aloof
And fireproof

Miles plays sax while Anna continues to sing:

A flame,
Our passion is a flame.
If you allow it
The flame begins to flicker
First slowly and then quicker
Like a fire,
I see desire burning in his eyes…

Anna and Miles: And isn’t it a shame
When passion dies?

Alex: Should have known that he would take her in
Anna’s only thinking with her skin
Was it all a big mistake
To introduce her to that snake?
The man’s still on the make
First he’ll use her,
Then I’ll lose her
I’m not made up of chips and steel
I’m a man…
I feel. I feel.

Alice, what do I do now?
Alice, please be my guide.
Alice, do I let go now?
Do I say “no” now?
Help me decide.
Alice, it’s up to you now.
Alice, I’m so confused inside.

Alice: Behind the screen
Behind the screen
There is a place
You can escape this sordid scene
Behind the screen
A world serene
A place that shimmers
In a ghostly shade of green.
Confusion ends
When passion cools.
Come live your life
Where only logic rules.
Behind the screen
There are no victims
There are no heroes
Just ones and zeroes
Behind the screen.

Quartet: all four characters sing at once:

Alex: …the pain
It’s shooting through my heart!
I can almost feel it
In my feet!

Alice: Behind the screen
You’ll be complete
Escape the heat
It’s cool and green
Behind the screen
There is no pain
No need to feel
No need to deal…

Miles: Lover, I would cover you with kisses if I could
How can it be bad to feel so good
Seize this opportunity before the moment’s gone
Keep the fire going til the dawn

Anna: Go slow
We must go slow…
Alex musn’t know…
I like the tune he’s playing
I’m not saying no
But please go slow
Oh, when i feel his touch
It kindles such…

Anna and Miles: A flame,
Our passion is a flame.
If you allow it
The flame begins to flicker
First slowly and then quicker
Like a fire,
I see desire burning in your eyes…

Alex: I cannot come.
I have to know:
Would she choose him Over me?

Alice: She’ll only hurt you
You’re better off in virtual reality.
Come and see…

Miles: How much longer do I have to wait?

Anna: Come on, Miles, you’re getting out of hand…
Now wait…

Miles: It’s getting late…
Don’t fight…
It’s fate…

Alex: This has got to stop, I’ve got to stand!
All: In a flash
We burn to ash
And passion dies.

Alex struggles to stand.

Alex: I have to stand up. I have to stand up!

As Anna and Miles fall to the sofa and Alex begins to rise, the scene abruptly ends.

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