Morning Afterthoughts, from Realities (Day 165)

The curtain comes down on Act I of Realities at the end of an eventful night. Alex is reunited with his college roommate Miles; once upon a time, they were besties, but now Alex seems to regard his former pal as his nemesis. Sure enough, Miles manages to seduce Anna, the attractive physical therapist who’s been caring for Alex, not caring that Alex is clearly carrying a torch for the girl. The morning after is a time for plans for the future, plus a little remorse about the past.

Anna: I thought I’d done my last plie
And put my dancing shoes away
But then last night
A dream I’d given up for dead
Came back to life inside my head
Oh yes, last night
The man has soul,
He understands.
I lost control,
I was putty in his hands.
The two of us
Were on the brink.
I’m glad we stopped where we did…
I think.

But what have I gotten myself into?
What in the world am i going to do?
I’ve always said I want to dance
But do I want to take this chance?
Oh, what have I gotten myself into now?

Miles: I thought it was the same old schtick
Another gig, another chick
And then, last night;
One look at her and I was gone
The lady really turned me on
Oh yes, last night…
She was so warm,
She was so fresh
So very full of pleasures of the flesh
And when she danced,
It was an inspiration!
It felt like we were fated for
A great collaboration.

But what have I gotten myself into?
What in the world am I going to do?
I find myself in hot pursuit
I’ve always liked forbidden fruit
But what have I gotten myself into?

Anna and Miles: Tonight,
I hope things come out right

Anna: I feel a little ill at ease

Miles: I think the lady’s still a tease

Both: Consider the possibilities tonight.

Alex: I thought I could forget the past
And start to live my life at last
But then, last night
Turned into a catastrophe –
The man I wanted least to see
Came back last night.

I guess I knew
The man would score.
It’s deja vu,
I’ve seen his act before.
I thought she cared –
How can I let her go?
I’m so confused, I just don’t know
Should I refuse to do this show?

All three: The stage is set, we’re on a roll
Presenting “Body, Mind and Soul”
We start tonight.

I feel the electricity
The sparks will fly, i guarantee
You’ll see, tonight

Anna: It feels like fate
A lucky break

Alex: It all could be
A terrible mistake

Miles: And best of all, after the presentation
The two of us can have a little private celebration!

Both: What have I gotten myself into?
What in the world am I going to do?
Invite the backers, call the press
We’re praying for a big success
What have I gotten myself into now?

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