Nightmare at the Edge, From Realities (Day 171)

Today’s post is short and sweet after the previous post, which seems epic, and brings this sequence from Realities to a close. To hear how the show ends, follow this link to listen to This World, the ballad that closes the show and reconciles Alex and Anna.

Cybil: Take a look at the bottom line.
We can do without Alex Inman.
Want results from your R and D?
Then give those B.L. bucks to me!

Darlene, Victor, Arnold: Your idea has real possibilities!
Real possibilities!

Miles: I set a bad example,
A black man on the make
And here is just a sample
Of what I’m going to take
Gonna take your car…

Cybil: We can take his code…

Miles: Gonna take your cash…

Cybil: We can take his concept…

Miles: Gonna take your woman!

Darlene, Victor, Arnold: Think of what it means to the bottom line!

Miles: I know you think I tricked him
But I am not a crook
He’s always been a victim
Just waiting to be took.

He thinks that he’s a hero
Because of what he’s done
But Alex is a zero
And Miles is still the one!

Edgers: One, one, zero, zero (etc.)

Arnold: One million in seed money.

Cybil: (upping the ante) One point one.

Anna: What have I gotten myself into?
What have I gotten myself into?

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