Overture to Gemini the Musical (Day 173)

The word “Overture’ fills me with excitement. I haven’t gotten to write too many of them – mostly the shows I’ve written didn’t have them because they weren’t called for; in most cases, a short musical “prologue” sufficed. But here’s a bonafide overture, one that was heard in the auditorium of the Prince Music Theater in Philadelphia in the fall of 2004. The tunes featured are “Tu Padre E Per Sempre” (heard in my reent Father’s Day post), “Let’s Find Out” and “Lo Cantero Per Te,” which is interrupted by the voice of Fran Geminiani, Francis’s father; turns out he’s been dreaming this music in his South Philly bedroom. The orchestrations are by Lars Halle, and the conductor is Eric Ebbenga. On with the show!

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