Welcome To My Life, from Gemini the Musical (2004) (Day 180)

It’s Day 180 of Project 194, and you don’t have to be a mathematical genius to realize that means we’re entering the final two weeks of my blogathon. If you’ve been following this mad endeavor or even just checking in from time to time, thanks for your interest! It’s meant a lot to me to know that a steady stream of visitors has come across the threshold since I started blogging songs back on January 1.

Welcome To My Life was written for the 2004 version of Gemini the Musical, and in the draft we began rehearsals with, it was heard midway through the first act (after The Hunk With The Funk and before Time For An Aria). Later, it was moved to the end of the first act, after the previous finale (a nightmare in which all the members of the company besides Francis appeared as garbagemen from hell) got cut.

Barry James Horbal delivers an exciting performance, capturing the grotesque self-mockery that is such a key part of Francis’s personality, and the band rocks out under Maestro Eric Ebbenga.

Welcome to my life!
I’ve been expecting you!
It’s time you got acquainted
With the Francis that you never knew.
How clever of your sister
To see through my disguise.
Well here I am! Surprise!
Welcome to my life!

Take a look around
Oh my, what a scenic block!
After daddy’s summer house
My slum must come as quite a shock.
And what a cast of characters,
Eccentric and unique…
Look who plays the leading freak!
Welcome to the greatest show on earth!

Check it out! It’s a circus clown!
Pagliaccio makes us laugh,
Then Gemini, our magician,
Will saw himself in half.
Here comes the bearded lady,
And the next is best of all:
Francesco walks the high wire –
What fun to watch him fall!
No net, no net!
He works without a net!
Splat! Smash! Kaboom!

Oh sure, I guess I’m comical
In Harvard Square
But look beneath my camouflage
You’ll find a different person hiding there
Who’s trapped by contradictions,
Unhappy in his skin.
There’s nowhere he fits in,
Nowhere in his life!

The Francis that you thought you knew
Is what you thought you’d find,
But in my natural habitat,
I start to lose my mind!
I know you think you love me,
That’s sweet of you, and kind,
But I say, hey! There’s just no way
That love can be that blind!

Welcome to my life,
I’m afraid it’s kind of queer.
Well, now you know my secret
And it’s time you got out of here.
I’m glad you got to look around,
I hope you liked the show
But that’s a wrap, I think we’re done.
Pack up your tent, you’ve had your fun.
Though you may cheer and shout “encore!”
You aren’t welcome any more,
Oh no!
It’s time to go!

[Francis flees his friends in the backyard and seeks refuge in his room with the companionship of Maria Callas.]

Maria! Maria!
[Together they sing:] All the demons and the fears
That haunted me for all these years
Are vanquished now by music!

[A reprise of the dream melody that opened the first act, “Lo Cantero Per Te.“]

Spirit of melody,
Your enchantment is divine.
Our hearts are healed,
Our dreams revealed.
Ah, what magic is thine!
With your song, you weave a spell
That will release me from this hell.
Ah, what bliss!
What ecstacy is this?
Lo cantero per te! Lo cantero….

[Randy is at the door of his bedroom, but Maria advises Francis: “Be quiet, he’ll go away.”]

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