A Life Alone, from Gemini the Musical (2007) (Day 181)

Dan Micciche in GeminiThe first act finale of Gemini the Musical in 2007 is a striking contrast to the 2004 version I posted yesterday, and the comparison tells you a lot about the differing approaches we took in the two iterations of the piece. The 2004 Prince Music Theater version was wilder, more fantastical, as the presence of the fantasy figure of Maria Callas amply illustrates. In 2007, Albert wanted to tone down the camp and the opera-queeny hysteria, as part of an endeavor to dig more deeply into the characters. This, in turn, produced the moody, introspective soliloquy for Francis that ended the act at NYMF. Its introductory verse quote the music from the bridge of an earlier song, The Boy My Father Thinks He Knows. Dan Micciche delivers a heartfelt rendition of the song, with fabulous support from music director Christine Riley.

That wine, that weed…
We got too wasted
And tasted all the fruits of knowledge
But here, I fear, some fruits are forbidden
Some discoveries are best kept hidden.
It’s as I feared
He thinks I’m weird
Who can blame him for running away?

A life alone:
Is this what awaits me now?
A touch, a kiss
A moment of secret bliss
Too brief
An instant of relief
And then a life alone.

A love unknown:
Is this what lies in store?
Always unsure,
Always wanting more.
If I could say,
I’d tell you stay,
My life would be brand new
A life to share with you
But unless I do, you’ll only go away.

If I told a shrink
He would call me sick
If I told my dad
He would shit a brick
But if I told you, randy
What would you do?

Love enters through the eyes, that’s Dante
But becomes something more, something great
Loving Randy, knowing Randy, being Randy
Is that what I want?
To be in love?
Somehow that’s worse!
To desire is bad,
To love a guy’s a curse!
That’s makes you into a fag,
Forever in need,
Tied up in chains,
Never to be freed
To age alone into a slobbering wreck!

No! That can’t be me, I can see something better…
Love. To find a smile in that special face,
A special kind of smile
That takes you to a special place,
Close, adoring, wanting him,
Letting him be enough…

Could I feel that for Randy?
Could he feel that for me?

It’s nuts, okay?
My gut’s tied in a knot.
I may be gay
But happy? No way!
It’s clear
Unless I face my fear
I face a life alone.

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