Let’s Find Out, from Gemini the Musical (Day 185)

Day 185 of Project 194 is Independence Day, the Fourth of July, and this song from Gemini the Musical has plenty of fireworks! If you don’t know the story of the play Gemini, you’ll need to know that Francis, who has come out as a gay man to his girlfriend Judith, is sexually attracted to her brother Randy. The heart of Act II is a long scene between Francis and Randy where the subject of the conversation eventually turns to sex. Bear in mind that Francis is twenty-one and Randy is sixteen – we forget so quickly what it’s like to be young and naive about these matters! Randy is curious enough to invite Francis into the tent for a bit of sexual experimentation, a prospect that Francis is nearly overwhelmed by, but when Randy loses his nerve, Francis is hurt and angry. This track features Barry James Horbal and Jeremiah Downes from the 2004 Prince Music Theater production.

Francis: I went to the prom with a girl named Elaine.
(spoken) Elaine Hoffenburg.
(singing) She had braces.

Randy: On her teeth?

Francis: No, her legs.
Still I didn’t complain.
My date wasn’t perfect,
But we all have our faults.
And if you gave her a push,
She could manage to waltz.
And after the dance
She gave me a glance
That made me think this would be my big chance.

I thought, “Let’s find out
Let’s see what all the commotion’s about.”
She had a notion what I had in mind.
She wanted to fuck,
But her braces got stuck
It was terrible luck.
And I never did find out.

Not until Luise Morely. Slightly pockmarked but pretty in a plain sort of way. What about you?

Randy: I had a date at the drive in with Tina Marie
(spoken) She was best friends with Roberta Hasserfluth.
(singing) I picked a flick that would help do the trick,
“Four Stewardesses–

Francis and Randy: In three-d!”

Randy: I brought a bottle of mateus
To loosen her mood.
But I forgot the cork screw,
Which meant I was screwed.
And there in the cold,
Just sixteen years old
I wondered could I be sufficiently bold?

I thought, “Let’s find out
Let’s see what all the commotion’s about.”
She had a notion what I had in mind.
The thing wouldn’t open.
So I started gropin’
Just prayin’ and hopin’
That somehow I’d find out.

Francis: Well, did you ever do it?

Randy: Too cold!
(singing) I’m sort of a jerk with girls.

Francis: I know what you mean.

Francis and Randy: Sex has been a mystery
Ever since I turned thirteen.

Randy: I do a lot better with a Playboy magazine!

Francis and Randy: But after day dreams filled with sleaze,
Reality is just a tease.


Francis: Randy, what are you doing?

Randy: Let’s find out!

Francis: Are you crazy?

Randy: Let’s see what all the commotion’s about.
I’ve got a notion what you’ve got in mind.
(walks over to the tent; spoken)
I’ll save the rest for inside the tent.
(he crawls inside and disappears.)


Randy: I really do like you. I mean, liking does exist doesn’t it?
(singing) Let’s stay friends
I really like you, but that’s where it ends.

Francis: All this commotion can get out of hand…

Randy: Do you understand?

Francis: I don’t know.

Randy: I don’t know either.

Francis: I don’t know either.

Francis and Randy: But maybe someday we’ll find out.

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