MacGregor’s Garden, from Peter Rabbit Tales (Day 191)

TaleofPeterRabbit8Counting down the days on Project 194, we’ve reached the Final Four! Today, a bit of music from my current work-in-progress, Peter Rabbit Tales. This is an excerpt from the score for the newest Enchantment Theatre production, slated to begin performances late in September and to hop in to Philly for three weeks at the Arts Bank at Christmastime.

This particular bit of music accompanies one of the most iconic moments in Peter Rabbit – the moment when Peter gorges himself on the vegetables in Mister MacGregor’s garden. When he gets caught in the act, he has to flee for his life, leaving his jacket behind him. The music begins with Peter’s arrival in the garden, and there’s a minute or so of cheerful music as he stuffs his face. When the music turns minor, the birds are warning him of Mr. McGregor’s approach, and then you’ll hear an agitated chase section as Peter flees. Then there’s a bit of an epilogue that occurs months later, as Peter is recounting the incident for his cousin, Benjamin Bunny.

The music is output directly from Finale, so the sounds are MIDI cheesy, but the score will eventually feature a chamber ensemble of seven instruments. The score will be recorded in late August, so as you can imagine, I’ve got my shoulder to the wheel trying to get this finished in the next six weeks. I’ll post more here in the coming weeks, though it’ll be after Day 194!

Music for MacGregors Garden

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