Seven for Ed

I just sent off my submission to New Dramatists for the Kleban Prize in Musical Theater. Named for Ed Kleban, who earned an unexpected sackful of swag when A Chorus Line became a hit show, the prize is awarded each year to one lyricist and one librettist. The blind judging calls for each applicant to submit 5-8 song lyrics, and I took this as an occasion to identify some of my top work as a lyricist. All of the songs I chose were among the 194 that I posted last spring during my “Project 194” blog-a-thon, and the links to them are below:

From Gemini the Musical: Concrete, The Hunk With The Funk, I’m Gonna Jump

From Leading Lady: Good Show, Just Known, Who Wants To Be Married

From A Tiny Miracle: I’m Growing

If you’re new to the site, or interested in a curated list of “greatest hits” to guide your listening, you can’t go wrong with these seven. Still curious? The list in the right hand column will guide you to a random selection of other items from Project 194.

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