Project 194, Day 3: Have A Little Christmas On Me!

The Christmas tree is down and the ornaments are packed away at my house, so why post a Christmas song? Well, over the years, I’ve created several holiday songs; indeed, there’s even a whole Christmas musical in my trunk, and it contains some of my best work. So let me slip one in now early in January, while the holiday afterglow lingers, and don’t be surprised if this retrospective brings forth a few more Christmas-themed ditties in the months ahead!

atinymiracle186I been there myself
And I know that it can be tough
The money in your pocket
Never seems to be enough
But just for today,
Hey, what do you say
You have a little Christmas on me?

The store windows sparkle
They beckon to your eye
And I’m guessing it’s depressing
When there’s nothing you can buy
But why be depressed?
Hey, give it a rest
And have a little Christmas on me!

Take some mistletoe and holly.
It’ll make your house more jolly.
It’s a gift from Uncle Wally.
I know it’s not a lot,
But hey, it’s what I got…

Although it may seem like everything’s hopeless,
Your luck is at an end,
Just when you least expected it,
You’ve found yourself a friend,
So be of good cheer
And maybe next year
You’ll help some other needy family
Who needs a little generosity
Well, when you do, you tell ‘em,
Have a little tiny bit of Christmas,
A little bit of Christmas on me!

This is from A Tiny Miracle, a holiday musical based on Richard Wainwright’s book of the same name. The premiere of this musical was presented at the University of the Arts and the First Unitarian Church of Wilmington in December 1999, and the recording was produced during the first few months of 2000. The singer is Jeff Murphy, who was my student at the University of Delaware and also appeared in A Is For Anything and Realities. I don’t recall Jeff ever showing much interest in pursuing theater, apart from my shows, but he was a terrific blues singer; both this song and “Crocodile Tears” in A Is For Anything were written specifically with his gruff charm in mind. Oh, what the hell, let’s listen to that one too!

Over the years, my work as an educator has led to wonderful opportunities to work with young artists like Jeff and Heather. You’ll hear many more of my former students in future chapters of this retrospective, I promise!

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